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GMod 9 Server Setup

What does this do?

This guide will create a fully working install of source dedicated server running gmod9:

  • The blue container (models/props_junk/TrashDumpster02.mdl) will not be weightless anymore
  • Tripmines and Stunsticks will work properly
  • Jeeps and Airboats can be spawned
  • Airboat steering isn't broken anymore
  • NPCs no longer die instantly
  • NPC Animations (sort of) work again

Things you need

File locations

This guide assumes the following locations:

  • steamcmd.exe location: D:\games\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe

  • Final server location: D:\games\server_final\

  • Source SDK Base 2006 location: D:\games\sdk_base_2006\

  • Half Life 2 Deathmatch Dedicated Server location: D:\games\hl2mp_server\

  • Final GMod9 gameinfo.txt location: D:\games\server_final\gmod9\gameinfo.txt

How to install

  • Download steamcmd to D:\games\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe (hldsupdatetool was replaced by this when the steampipe update arrived)

  • Download the required content by executing the following commands (3 folders will be created):

steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir ../server_final +login anonymous +app_update 205 validate +quit

steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir ../sdk_base_2006 +login anonymous +app_update 215 validate +quit

steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir ../hl2mp_server +login anonymous +app_update 232370 validate +quit

  • Delete the contents of D:\games\server_final\hl2\ We delete this because this hl2 content folder is incomplete

  • Extract all *_dir.vpk files from D:\games\sdk_base_2006\vpks\ to D:\games\server_final\hl2\ using GCFScape This will make sure gmod9 has access to all required hl2 content

  • Extract all *_dir.vpk files from D:\games\hl2mp_server\hl2mp\ to D:\games\server_final\hl2mp\ using GCFScape This will make sure gmod9 has access to all required hl2mp content

  • Copy all files (excluding .vpk files) from D:\games\hl2mp_server\hl2mp\ to D:\games\server_final\hl2mp\ This will also make sure gmod9 has access to all required hl2mp content

  • Delete steam.inf from D:\games\server_final\hl2mp\

  • Extract the GMod9 server files so that the final path looks like this: D:\games\server_final\gmod9\

  • Delete vstdlib_s.dll, tier0_s.dll, and steamclient.dll from D:\games\server_final\

  • Replace the contents of D:\games\server_final\gmod9\gameinfo.txt with the contents from Attachment 1 (Scroll down for attachments)

  • Create the file D:\games\server_final\gmod9\cfg\autoexec.cfg and add the contents from from Attachment 2 (Scroll down for attachments)

  • Start your GMod9 server by executing the following command:

srcds.exe -insecure -nohltv -flushlog -port 27015 -console -game gmod9 -maxplayers 16 +map gm_construct

Additional infos

Here's some info on what various numbers/names actually mean:

205Source Dedicated Server 2006
215Source SDK Base 2006
232370Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Dedicated Server

Gmod9 Server Hosting

If you don't have a network capable of hosting a server (or you just want a server instantly), you can purchase a Gmod9 server from FaceServers, which is run by the same people that created FaceWAN. All servers are provisioned instantly and have a fully featured control panel.




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